Superintendent Message

Dr. Kent Young (Superintendent)

In providing an education for our students’ future, the Nauvoo-Colusa Public Schools has high expectations of teachers, administrators, and all support staff.  Our vision for our community partners and parents is that they bestow the much needed support of our school system and support our mission to improve student learning.  We have high demands of our legislatures that they will fight to protect school funding and provide the revenue for our schools in that we can offer the 21st century skills needed for our future citizens  to compete in a global society. 

The entire staff has great expectations and high demands for our students, that they will come to school prepared each day with eagerness and the aspiration to learn and to work hard toward obtaining the knowledge and experiences offered to them. We all share in the responsibility to maintain high standards and to teach our students not only academics, but responsibilities, and social skills for greater success in their future education.  The school community must teach our students tolerance, cultural diversity, and leadership skills.  Yes, we have immense  opportunities for all aspects of our school community, including continued improvement in reading and math and a strong focus on science, social studies, the languages, physical education/health, the arts, agriculture, and family and consumer science.  We are in position for the further development of our schools, to prepare all students for the next level of their educational journey in becoming productive members of our society.

It is now time for us to focus less on the past and to place a greater prominence on the pledge of a better future. Each day holds a new promise, a new opportunity for success for each student no matter their abilities, for each school, and for each family. It is only by meeting these high expectations, which are based on the high demands for a quality education, that together we, as a community will fulfill the commitment of giving our students the best education.

Kent H. Young, Superintendent of Schools

'In a world of infinite choice people are struggling to figure out what to do.' Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)